"I started with Tango because I wanted to dance, and there was this course at the university sport centre. Then I came to Cuartito Azul. I enjoy connecting to the music and hanging out with my new Tango friends."
Lina, programmer
"I have seen several Tango movies, and I thought I'd never be able to dance as these dancers. After trying different places and teachers, I arrived at Cuartito Azul. I can enjoy Tango with so much easiness now."
"I came to Tango out of pure coincidence, but once I started, I couldn't stop anymore. I'm at Cuartito Azul because of the nice atmosphere in the classes and especially for the quality of teaching."
Milena, geography teacher
"Learning Tango turned out to be satisfying and challenging. It has a very positive impact on my mood, calmness and focus. I think classes at Cuartito Azul are very effective for leaders, and I find the atmosphere nice. I have made good friends there."
Arseniy, software engineer
“Natural movements, a comfortable connection within the couple and a smooth and well internalised Tango language are the pivot of my lessons. This is what truly enables you to dance with variety and musicality!”
Angela, owner of the school
"Tango creates this connection between people. No matter with whom you dance, it makes you feel joyous and happy."
Anna-Marina, law student
"My boyfriend dances Salsa and I dance Brazilian Zouk. We wanted to dance something new together that would give us joy and passion. Argentine Tango was the best solution."
"I used to dance Salsa before, and I was looking for another social dance 'just to try'. I fell in love with the music, the movements and the feeling that Tango gives. Tango also keeps me fit and it is perfect to relax after work."
"Some years ago, I had a serious illness and I saw no future for me. Angela always stood by me, she gave me hope. Dancing and teaching Tango gives me much strength. With Tango, you can learn a lot about yourself, in good and bad times."
Naoko, tango teacher
"While listening to folk music, I stumbled upon a Tango tune - and I simply had to see how people dance to it. I decided to take up Tango. After trying several schools in Zurich, I stayed at Cuartito Azul because of its playful approach to Tango."
Thilo, student

Welcome at Cuartito Azul Tango, your dance school for Argentine Tango in the middle of Zurich!
We officially represent the school of Carlos & Rosa Perez, probably the most famous Tango teachers of Buenos Aires.
We teach clean, smooth, authentic Tango de Salón. Nothing else. Every day.

Learn to dance authentic Argentine Tango in our professional classes.
Cuartito Azul Tango offers group classes, private lessons and beautiful milonga evenings.

You haven’t tried Tango yet? Sign up now for a free trial lesson!


Due to the latest COVID measures of the Swiss Federation, teaching at the school is suspended until 22 January 2021. Online classes since Monday, 2 November. Details have been sent by newsletter – or see here.

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